Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Yves Saint Laurent: Making Me See Stars

When you were a child, you probably received gold stars from your teacher for being good or performing well on tests/quizzes/projects. When you were an adolescent, you learned about and marveled at the luminous, exploding balls of hydrogen and helium you studied in science. And when you became an adult, Yves. Saint Laurent expected you to buy their tacky star bracelet, which looks like it came from Claire's (yes, we all shopped there as kids...don't deny it). While stars can be edgy, they can also be juvenile, tacky, and painful (look at those sharp edges...ouch). The rusty-looking chain doesn't help, either. Ignore the fashion editors on this one and don't spend $395.00 on an accessory even a (savvy) kindergartner wouldn't wear.

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