Saturday, February 2, 2008

Fashion Week: Jason Wu: Seasonless Dressing

Jason Wu's Fall 2008 collection continues the floral brightness of the spring lines, but it does so with a gravitas that makes it appropriate for fall. Fall lines generally are darker, with richer jewel tones, but Wu's diverse pallette--ranging from somber blacks to bright florals--reinforced the seasonless dressing that has become a result of Mother Nature's petulant mood swings. The sophisticated silhouettes and gorgeous patterns make this a winning collection.

1. A floral dress in keeping with Spring's English tea garden styles (the purple three-quarter gloves give the dress an edgier look):

2. A darker purple floral dress, which keeps in line with the Asian influence this spring:

3. A one-shouldered black/white dress that creates a sharp, architectural sophistication:

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