Monday, February 18, 2008

Missoni: Easy, Breezy Fall 2008

I've grown to dread the signature chevron from Missoni, but Angela Missoni surprised me by refraining from indulging in the safe standby. Instead, she showcased refreshing color combinations (peach and khaki, orange and merlot, saffron and royal blue), collegiate, slouchy looks that incorporate masculine shapes with feminine patterns (florals, dots), and floaty, ethereal dresses that were effortlessly glam.

Additional Looks:

1. Rich colors, easy look:

2. A glamorous cocktail dress in one of my favorite colors:

3. Easy to mimic: pair a floral, breezy top with a slouchy cardigan and slim pants:

1 comment:

Ben said...

Wow Mrs. Kim: I knew you were into fashion, but this is amazing. Favorite line:

You walk, you show, you prance, and you prove: you are glamorous, and everyone needs to know it.