Thursday, February 21, 2008

Bottega Veneta: More of the Same

Tomas Maier's Fall 2008 Bottega Veneta line didn't wow me in the usual way, but perhaps it's because he's already perfected simple luxury. And in typical fashion, he produced (yet again) a steady stream of tailored, elegant, and unfussy looks (with the exception of two coats that looked like Cookie Monster had gone through a shredder) and exotic, classic, and unfussy accessories. Like many designers, he's sticking to a formula that works for his clientele, but the lack of creativity in this particular line dissapointed.

Additional Looks:

1. Another taupe snakeskin clutch (I already have a larger version):

2. The only intriguing accessory: a belt:

3. My favorite runway look (the jacket is intriguing and complex, but classy):

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