Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Carolina Herrera: Robin Hood meets Ralph Lauren

I've come to expect lush florals, extreme femininity, and unique detailing from Carolina Herrera. Her Fall 2008 line was much more masculine; perhaps the Robin Hood hats and feathers that topped off each model were too emphatic for me, and the clunkiness of the heavy tweeds, wild plumage, and somber velvets seemed very Ralph Lauren to me. While I do appreciate the rustic equestrian look from time to time, this particular line weighed my spirits down. Even the sporadic appearance of a floral or a bright color seemed to be overwhelmed by the indomitable force of the cold.

Additional Looks:

1. A feather in your cap:

2. A lush, regal look that looks almost costumey to me (perhaps borrowed from the set of The Other Boleyn Girl):

3. The only look that reminds me of the old Carolina:

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