Sunday, February 10, 2008

Angel Sanchez: Divine Right

Angel Sanchez is indeed a gift from heaven: his impeccably-crafted divine pieces are like museum pieces that will never cease to amaze. (I unfortunately passed up one of his wedding dresses, which incorporated pale pink ribbons woven down the back; to this day, I regret it.) As the above number and many others indicate, brocade continues to remain strong for fall, and the subtle but noticeable floral applique on the bosom separates this frock from the million other metallic ones that have grazed the runways. The pattern has a slightly hieroglyphic quality to it, as if one needs to scrutinize its code for mysterious revelations. That's the power of Angel Sanchez.

Additional Looks:

1. A simple but stunning silver frock:

2. A casual but chic suit number (I adore the fur fringe and the camel hue):

3. An intriguing, complex, and detailed cocktail dress (perfect for a wedding):

1 comment:

miss cavendish said...

I love looks 1 and 2. I think that the very top dress would be difficult for most women to wear because of the cutout around the arm--women often have some extra flesh there that would be showcased!