Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Paris Fashion Week: Avant-Garde Doesn't Have to Mean Fugly

Comme des Garcons, Fall 2008

Even though we have yet to see Chanel and Andrew Gn, Paris Fashion Week has proven to be one monstrosity after another. Designers have resorted to ridiculous "bad fashion" gimmicks that prove to be more show than store. The puffy, the tawdry, the mismatched, the tacky, and the downright fugly have taken hold of Parisian designers, and I can both barely look and barely not. Let's hope that Karl Lagerfeld doesn't get too experimental.

Additional Fugly Looks:

1. Maison Martin Margiela, Fall 2008: Anyone need a tire for a turtleneck?

2. Vivienne Westwood, Fall 2008: Pippi Longstocking Meets Snuffleupagus!

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