Saturday, February 9, 2008

Bill Blass: Welcome, Peter Som

Peter Som's debut collection at Bill Blass featured both masculine/feminine suit looks (wearable but hardly drool-worthy) and feminine dresses punctuated by polka dots, flowers, fuzz, and sequins (the latter two materials appeared oddly out of place in such streamlined and conservative silhouettes). The above look is typical Peter Som: the fitted top, the slightly puffy skirt bottom, and the brocaded floral pattern were expertly combined to create one of his winning looks, and the unusual purple metallic belt raised the element of surprise up a notch. His line was dominated by grays, blacks, and creams, with the occasional shock of electric blue and purple. My favorite looks, of course, incorporated the clean shape of Bill Blass and the rich materials of Peter Som. Overall, the collection was safe for a debut line, but I doubt anyone else will care come fall.

Additional Looks:

1. A dalmation-top and floral-bottom dress:

2. A dress that combined his color pallette but appears somewhat dowdy:

3. The dressier neckline makes this ordinary gray dress spectacular:

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