Thursday, April 24, 2008

The White Shoe

Missoni Spring 2008

As I sit here wearing my white Prada wedges from last year, I cannot help but stare at these beauties from Missoni and think that these Prada wedges are getting lonely in my closet. Women generally purchase dark shoes with the mistaken belief that they "go with everything." In reality, no one shoe can be called upon for such a portentous responsibility. A white shoe is a spring staple that goes with all things light and floral, and the particular heft on these white ones anchors the ethereal nature of spring clothing. (A too flimsy white shoe lacks seriousness.) Nothing ruins a look more than a gloomy black shoe on a cheery floral dress. As I expand my shoe collection, I seek out the bright, the ornate, the colorful, and the new neutrals (metallic, white, pale blue)--and it doesn't hurt to have more than one pair of white sandals, especially if you're buying Missoni's.

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