Sunday, April 20, 2008

A Belted Wardrobe

Dear Thumbelina,

If you were going to come up with a belt wardrobe, what would it consist of? I am new to using belts as accessories (I have some basic fabric ones for pants) and am curious what would constitute a good starting point.


Unbelted But Not Unwilling

Dear Unbelted,

Start with these basics:

1. THE PLAIN BELT: Whether wide or skinny (that mostly depends on your preference and waist size; the wider the waist, the wider the belt), every fashionista needs a simple belt for patterned or embellished dresses (think contrast: the more complex the outfit, the simpler the belt choice should be).

Banana Republic Oval Nubuck Belt, $49 at

WCM Embossed Skinny Belt, $115.00 at

2. THE EMBELLISHED BELT: For simpler dresses, choose an embellished belt to add interest. Look for beading, studs, stones, or metallic detailing.

Bottega Veneta Intrecciato embellished belt, $600 at

Fendi Belt, Fall 2008

Chanel Belt, Fall 2008:

THE STATEMENT BELT: These belts are investment pieces that are often pricier than others because of the complex nature of the designs. Unusual and striking, these belts act like pieces of jewelry.

Fendi Multicolored Snakeskin Four-Stone Belt, $900.00 at
Burberry Prorsum Belt, Spring 2008:

THE TRIBAL BELT: Look for wood, raffia, horn, bamboo, or other ethnic finishes to perk up a dull outfit.
Airedelsur Leather Belt w/ Horn Closure, on sale for $146 at

Missoni Wood and Jewel Embellished Belt, $680 at

Best of luck with your new belt wardrobe!



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agreed! belts are fantastic.