Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Embossed Exotics

Ann Taylor LOFT Python-Embossed Metal Frame Clutch, $39 at www.anntaylorloft.com

Naturally, as a result of the exotic craze, I've been accosted by fake python and crocodile bags everywhere I turn. While I certainly understand the appeal--the cost is significantly lower--I find myself cringing whenever I see extremely poor renditions that resemble tattered netting rather than sleek snakeskin. It's akin to seeing fake designer handbags that don't even use accurate logos (the ersatz Louis Vuittons are notoriously bad); who is this person fooling but herself? If you cannot afford a genuine exotic, at least choose genuine leather (or fabric bags if you are vegan). It's far classier to choose that than appearing like the little fashionista that could.

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miss cavendish said...

Exotic skins really give me the shivers. At Calvin Klein on Madison one afternoon I was checking out a lovely wristlet when the sales assistant pounced upon me with one in gold reptile skin. He absolutely lost a sale as I turned on my heel and hoofed it to Barneys, where I could recover.