Friday, April 4, 2008

Limited Edition = Maximum Appeal

As I was innocently walking around in Soho the other day with a dear friend of mine, I happened to come across these "limited edition" Prada fairy platform sandals and innocently tried them on for fun. That sweet but damned salesgirl then told me, while I was admiring them on my feet, that they were a limited edition pair and that this particular shoe was the last one in my size. Since I had already lamented the exorbitant cost of the dress version, I knew that it would be the shoes or the fairies would have cruelly bid adieu. Even though I have correctly pointed out that the fairy dresses were poorly constructed, I have never been disappointed with Prada shoes, which dominate my shoe closet. I could not ignore that Mephistophelian voice that kept whispering insidiously, "limited edition." My girlfriend was also taken in by this voice, and she too bought a stunning handbag that was--you guessed it--limited edition. "In a couple of years, these shoes will be vintage," the salesgirl proclaimed. As any serious collector of fashion, I shamefully gave into my base impulses and bought the damn shoes. But I must say...they're fabulous.


miss cavendish said...

These could become "home shoes," just for the pleasure of wearing them every day! Lovely.

deep_in_vogue said...

Goodness, they are absolutely divine!

Anonymous said...

Mrs. Kim!!! Your blog cheers me up and keeps me distracted from doing school work. Are you still teaching?