Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Ruching Never Looked Lovelier

From Left: Burberry Prorsum Ruched Georgette Dress, $3,395 and Silk Tulle Pleat Dress, $2,895 at

For years, I despised ruching--it always looked cheap to me. But in Christopher Bailey's masterful hands, it looks nothing short of elegant and exquisite. Both of these Burberry Prorsum dresses leave me breathless: the soft quality of the ruching creates a draping akin to those on Greek goddesses, and the fitted shapes are modern yet timeless. One could wear these dresses for day, night, and everything in between: wedding, work, tea, lunch, business event...If I weren't so concerned about the dismal state of the economy I'd be tempted to purchase one of these lovelies. Alas, they'll go unworn on this fashionista, but at least they won't be unsung.

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