Monday, April 21, 2008

Fashion Assumptions

As an unfortunate result of being a fashionista, I am often accosted by ignorant questions and comments from those who could care less about fashion. Unlike others, fashionistas display their interest outwardly, which makes them prone to criticism; however, as I am always quick to point out, just because you don't show your purchases outwardly, it doesn't mean that you don't make them. (Food, music, travel, you name it--people spend their money on something.) Here are common assumptions that plague the fashionable:

1. We are superficial.
2. We are loaded.
3. We are reckless about our money.
4. We spend all our free time shopping.
5. We don't care about our families.

These assumptions hit at the core of the speaker's insecurity, because ultimately, fashionistas make the unfashionable feel frumpy by comparison. While I refrain from making comments about others' style (if you want to know my opinion, you can ask me or read my blog), somehow others feel it acceptable to ask imposing questions, like "How much did you spend on that?" I would never ask anyone how much they spent on a vacation or on their extensive music collection; it simply is not my business to know that information; plus, it is tacky. And for those who are genuinely interested in fashion, they know that style is more much complex than a label or a price tag, and they know that there is history and culture behind their choice in a garment. Style is about self-expression, and true fashionistas are well-rounded individuals with interests in a variety of topics--fashion just happens to be one obvious one, out there for all to see and judge. It's just unfortunate that many feel that their insecurity gives them the right to make gauche comments.


MR style said...

it's so annoyin !! all those people critisizin !!

jerllin said...

Hmm...your blog is some sort of Ph.D. dissertation waiting to be written. The different philosophies you mention are just begging to be elaborated upon. I am seriously always so impressed with everything you write--and I must say, it's a refreshing change to be on this side instead. :D

Farrell & Lauren said...

I actually feel very inspired to dress better after reading your post!