Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Fashion in 3D

I apologize for being MIA yesterday, but my computer was throwing a temper tantrum and wouldn't work.

Even though I dismissed these Miu Miu python boots when I first saw them on the runway--I thought they were tacky and ugly--I couldn't help marvel at the intricate nature of these statement boots in person. The beautiful craftsmanship, the perfect skin, and the complex design left me somewhat breathless. And while these boots are not made for this fashionista's walking, they can be admired from afar with the appreciation of a neophyte in a museum. This just goes to show that fashion must be seen up close; flat images rarely do a work of art justice. Conversely, I marvel at some items online, but when I see them up close, I am gravely disappointed (as in the case of a certain MaxAzria resort dress I wanted). If you are one of the bold fashionistas who can pull these boots off with aplomb, they're an equally stunning $4,300 at net-a-porter.com.

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Anonymous said...

You know, that's an obscene amount of money to spend on anything. Maybe maybe maybe somebody like Oprah could justify that for something she'd wear four or five years. After all, she gives away a lot of money and has worked hard to earn what she has (& I'm not her biggest fan). But come one, this is ridiculous. Fun to look at and I enjoy your blog - but it's hard to believe someone would seriously consider these.