Thursday, April 10, 2008

The Good, The Bad, and The Ugg-ly

On my way to work this morning, I was astounded by the number of women wearing Uggs. The forecaster joyfully predicted a sunny 70 degrees here in the Big Apple, and yet these women were wearing Uggs. Now, despite my prejudice of them--I think they're ugg-ly--I do own a pair of Uggs for the express purpose of wearing them in freezing cold and slushy winter weather. (Hey, a fashionista's gotta be practical, too.) But in 70 degree weather? If comfort is what a woman wants, she has a multitude of options: flats, sneakers, wedges...But choosing a clunky snowman boot is beyond my comprehension. Ladies, please: the trend has long been passe. It's time to move on to a fresher shoe in the warmer months.

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