Wednesday, April 2, 2008

The Caped Crusader

From Left: Miranda Bennett Silk Crepe de Chine Dress with Detachable Capelet, $428 at Albertine, NYC; Prada Spring 2008 Collection Runway Dress
Although I will always remain a devoted fan of the simple button-down cardigan, I find myself gravitating towards the whimsical and touching capelet, which demurely graces the tops of one's shoulders with quiet elegance. I have a number of spaghetti-strapped dresses that are too revealing for everyday, and a capelet resolves that dilemma; in addition, in the hot summer months to come, a cardigan may provide too much coverage. But more than the practical uses of the humble capelet, it also provides just the refreshing change I've been looking for without sacrificing functionality.


miss cavendish said...

I love the idea of a capelet or a shrug to throw over a sleeveless dress for warmth or coverage, depending on the context. Two winters ago Burberry made a very good-looking one that didn't take off; cool-weather fabrics--thick wools--were less enticing than these delicate pieces.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately I have just found your blog through Miss Cavendish. I can tell I'm going to be spending a lot of time with both of you!

Here's a question for you. If you were a 27 year old who just moved to NY, finally got a job, (great job, not much money), works long hours and doesn't have much time to shop, where would you shop and what are some good basics every girl living on the West Side needs?

Thumbelina Fashionista said...

Thank you and welcome to the site! For your second question, I would buy these essentials:

1. A quality/designer handbag. Avoid logos and purchase a clean shape with longevity.
2. An evening top that can be dressed down for day. Look for embellishment on SOME part of the top (not all over it). You can wear this with jeans or a skirt, for day or night.
3. A classic trench. West Siders are conservative, classic, but chic. Wear with a standout belt.
4. A fabulous dress. Wear with a jacket for work, or alone for night or day.
5. Peep-toe pumps in a low heel that can go with anything and everything.

For your first question, I would first scope out prices and looks online (major department stores are best or online boutiques) and then set aside a couple of hours on a weekend to try on the items you're interested in. It's essential to try on things, but if you have a list, you won't be slowed down. The West Side has a Barneys Co-op and plenty of high and mid-end designer stores. Invest in these items and you'll go back to them time and time again. If you can't afford them right now full price, wait until sale season for the handbag and shoes. More on this later!

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much! My daughter seems to be on the right track - she has great handbags, good shoes and a trenchcoat. She hates logos, loves classic, simple styles...very clean and easy. One thing we can't figure out is why clothes take such a beating in NY - is it the pollution, constant movement, what? She understands why shoes don't last long but it's strange how the clothes get so worn looking just after one season!

deep_in_vogue said...

A capelet is a good idea, but a bit too.. whimsical for everyday I think. It's a problem I often encounter. Sometimes I'll throw a scarf over my shoulders, but I usually go with a cardigan, and ALWAYS end up dreaming of some sort of a shrug that would look like part of the dress.