Tuesday, April 1, 2008

On The Subway Platform

Lanvin Beige Satin Cone Heel, $995 at www.monamoore.com

Despite my extensive shoe collection, I do not own a pair of platforms. This doesn't mean that I haven't wanted one; every time I see a pair that is drool-worthy, I try them on, but I always feel clunky and circusy wearing them. Yesterday, I saw a fabulously-dressed woman on the subway wearing an impeccable trench with gold buttons, a dramatic gold-flecked scarf, and the most stunning deep mahogany platforms I've ever seen. Of course, I could not keep my eyes off those shoes. Instead of looking clunky, she looked tall, put-together, and elegant. With shoes, it's a matter of practice and understanding one's limit; and I am determined to incorporate a pair of platforms into my life--after I've walked around my apartment in them a few times.


miss cavendish said...

I find platforms surprisingly comfortable--and haven't twisted my ankle yet!

Old Lady Who Lived in a Shoe said...

I was in my 20s when I first wore platforms in the early 70s. Even then, they weren't innovative. In fact, one of my favorite was a strappy vintage pair from the 40s. Yet, what I wore most were those ubiquitous beige, x-strapped platforms that hurtled you forward as you strode down Manhattan avenues. Now I wear low-altitude latex soled shoes that I can stand long hours in when I teach.
But the resurgence of platforms, which are now both bolder and more elegant than I remember them, bring back fond memories and, passing a store, I sometimes dream . . .