Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Wendy Brandes Jewelry

Victoria Buckle Ring, $6,250 at

Since my trip to New Orleans, I've been heavily focused on fine quality jewelry, perhaps because I saw so much of it there (if only I had millions!). I find that most jewelry today lacks a creative touch, and it's mass produced with no individuality in mind. I recently discovered the historically-inspired and intricately-astounding jewelry of Wendy Brandes, who goes against that automation mentality. I'm in love! Here are some of my favorite looks:

1. Sunflower Earrings, $7,500: Inspired by Van Gogh and perfect for everyday or a fancy occasion:
2. Boleyn Necklace, $9,000: I've always been fascinated by the haunting story of Anne Boleyn, whose regal ambitions left her beheaded. And despite the fact that Henry VIII desperately wanted a son, it was Anne's daughter Elizabeth who really carried on his legacy:

3. Acorn Necklace, $6,000: I absolutely love the twist feature that enables this lovely and unique necklace to open. Stash away something valuable in it, like a love note:

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I just saw this! Thanks for the love!