Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Bill Blass: Mosaic Skirt

Bill Blass Mosaic Brocade Skirt, $1,700 at Net-a-porter
Other than dresses, I am meticulous about the quality and design of my skirts, mainly because I rarely wear pants, especially in the summer (how women can wear thick, heavy jeans in the height of the summer heat is beyond me). Since Peter Som has laid his magic hand on all things Bill Blass, my heart has gone a-flutter with all of his delicious creations--which is why I think it a grave misfortune that he has resigned from Bill Blass from managerial and production problems. At least I can enjoy his current fall line, and of course, there's always his eponymous label. And as for this particular skirt with its magnificently moody pattern (a cross between feathers and flowers), its easy wearability makes this a winner in any woman's wardrobe.

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