Tuesday, July 22, 2008

My Work Look

Black Halo Flutter-Sleeve Sheath Dress, $345 at Neiman Marcus

When I found this particular dress, it was categorized as a "party dress"--a title that I will blatantly ignore. This is the exact kind of dress that I would wear to work--it has a conservative shape, neutral color, and surprisingly feminine details. It reminds me of an architecturally beautiful Roland Mouret dress, but at a fraction of the cost.

Since I work in a creative environment (that's how I view teaching), I have more freedom in my outfit choices than say, a banker or a doctor (sorry doctors out there, but I would shudder if I had to wear scrubs every day!). But all in all, I do "dress up" for work--one's clothing is a reflection of the pride one has in her work. What are some of my typical outfits?

1. A tailored dress, either A-lined or sheath
2. A white blouse with a full or A-lined skirt with a notable detail (appliques, cut-outs, brocade, etc.)
3. Plain tailored slacks with a decorative blouse
4. A cashmere sweater or a cropped jacket over a dress

Although I currently do not own a vest (I think there are some fashion flubs from the '80s that I have not fully recovered from), I plan on wearing one a la Maggie Gyllenhaal in the new Batman movie: she glamorously dons a menswear-inspired dark vest over a flouncy white Victorian blouse. The look was perfection.


miss cavendish said...

This would be a gorgeous work dress. I'd have to adjust the neckline, though, for bending down to pick up papers, etc. And don't even think about dropping the chalk.

kristy said...

I, too, loved Maggie Gyllenhaal's interrogation ensemble from The Dark Knight. I can easily see you wearing it, Mrs. K! :)