Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Covering One's Lovehandles (Thighs, Hips, Etc.) In Style

Zac Posen Double Face Silk Faille Dress, $2,450 at Nordstrom

I recently saw this dress at Bergdorf's and then saw the red version on Anne Hathway in some celebrity rag. She was rushing off somewhere important--or at least it seemed so from the photo--and instead of wearing this glamorous dress to a premiere, she was running errands or going to see her agent. That's why we love Hollywood--stars are able to don a stunning dress in a casual manner and not look overdressed.

But I digress. The return of peplum (seen in particular on Prada's runway show) reminds me why some looks are more appealing than others: they serve an actual function. For women with a soft belly, peplum is the exact fashion solution: the strategically-placed ruffle blocks out any bumps from an onlooker's view. Akin to full skirts, which thankfully hide large thighs, peplum both disguises and accentuates the female form. The onlooker is forced to acknowledge that the body is indeed smaller than the exaggerated shape creates--as is the case with hoopskirts (simply think of the poofy skirts in Gone with the Wind). Of course, one could digress yet further and make an argument about distorted female body images and alluring cover-ups, but I'll leave that to the critics.

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