Monday, July 14, 2008

The Importance of Being Earnest About Sunblock

Anybody who knows me knows that after the appearance of a few sunspots (euphemistically known as freckles) and some eye-opening articles about the sun in magazines, I became a zealous convert to sunblock. I immediately withdrew from any sun-worshipping activities and faithfully slathered SPF 75 on my face every day, regardless of season, temperature, or occasion.
Recently, I have decided that those cautionary procedures were not enough. Since I am cursed with dry skin (I can be prone to eczema if I am not careful), I decided to do double duty with my lotion and SPF. Neutrogena creates the most wonderful sunblock: it contains UVA and UVB protection (both are incredibly important; the former type of ray is the cause of burns, and the latter creates wrinkles and sunspots), it's non-comedogenic (it won't create acne), it feels like a body lotion and doesn't leave a greasy afterfeel, and it's cheap. Now my morning ritual includes slathering this stuff on my arms, legs, and feet.
You may scoff at this extreme activity (somehow, this always shocks people--as if I were skydiving or swimming with man-eating sharks and crocodiles!), but trust me: this is the single most important part of your preventative anti-aging routine.

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