Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Worst Spring Trends

Despite the hoopla, these trends do not flatter and will be out next season.

1. Modern Art: Mass-produced reenactments of Mondrian, Rothko, and Pollack are too severe for the body.

2. Head-to-Toe Sequins: Excessive shine is gaudy and blinding.

3. Oversized Clutches: Clutching anything larger than your handbag looks clumsy and bizarre.

4. Worst Decade: '70s: The bohemian, sloppy look doesn't match Spring's neat, feminine vibe.

5. Tiers: Why would anyone want to look like a wedding cake?

6. One-Armed Dresses: Your other arm looks naked in comparison.

7. Loud Graphic Prints: Aggressive clothing is uncouth.

8. Feather-like Appliques: You look like a bird, a rag, or a mess.

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