Saturday, January 19, 2008

Lanvin: Hurrahs to the White Bag

The spotty appearance of white bags on the streets of New York indicates that there is some appreciation for the white bag, but I rarely find that it is done well. Usually, the white bags are large, clunky tote shapes, and worn carelessly, without a thought to the overall effect of it on the rest of the outfit. White bags need to be polished and complementary, and a careful combination of a crisp white bag (as in Lanvin's Hurrah Satchel shown above; $1950 at Barneys) with a light-colored outfit looks absolutely stunning. Choose a simple but classy shape (boxy rectangle, retro satchel, or streamlined clutch) in a saturated hue (cream, not off-white, or a white white, not a pale, washed-out white) with a quality skin (leather, exotic; not plastic, vinyl, polyester, or cotton). Wear white (either a splash or a huge portion) in your actual outfit, or choose colors that that would look best with a white rather than a black purse (examples: pale pink, dove gray, orange, yellow). Never wear this bag in the rain or snow, and always put it back in the cloth bag it came with when it is not in use. Hurrahs to the chic and ladylike white bag.

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