Tuesday, January 29, 2008

The Lipstick Jungle

Yves Saint Laurent Tribute Canvas Leopard Pump, $675 at bergdorfgoodman.com

With Candace Bushnell's new series "Lipstick Jungle" airing soon, I thought it appropriate to address the fashion world's unrelenting obsession with all things furry. For most of my conservative fashion years, I have found myself cringing at the sight of women clad head-to-toe in leopard-, zebra-, and (the worst) cow-print/skin, and strutting around town as flamboyantly as a rooster does in his (tiny) kingdom. Unfortunately, size does matter here, for the larger the woman, the more ridiculous the effect; however, I have slowly grown to appreciate the sacrifice of our exotic animals and the (tempered) use of their skins to adorn their human counterparts. This Yves St. Laurent leopard pump tastefully incorporates just a touch of leopard in a similar palette of tan and black (thus using the skin as the basis of the shoe's design). A lighter pattern, as seen in this Rebecca Taylor dress, also dilutes the force of a larger size. While New York may indeed seem like a jungle, a touch of it pays homage to the look without taking the simile too literally.

Rebecca Taylor Cashmere Mini Dress, $355 at net-a-porter.com

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