Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Trend to Kick: Leggings

The '80s had exceptional music but horrendous fashion. Unfortunately, the maxim that "everything old is new again" should not have been applied to leggings, a relative of the even worse trend of stirrups (for the younger ones spared from this embarrassing decade, stirrups had uncomfortable straps on your soles that chafed when you walked). Despite the persistent hordes of women who refuse to abandon them, leggings are extremely unflattering: the cut off your feet, thus making you appear shorter; they don't match everything you own, contrary to popular belief; and they ignore your frostbitten toes in cold weather and heat up your legs in warm weather. I also don't understand why some women believe that leggings are a substitute for pants, even with a long tunic. Choose tights, which elongate your legs, or actual pants that do more for your rear than these fashion-challenged sausage covers.

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