Tuesday, January 1, 2008

New Year's Fashion Resolutions

Happy New Year! Consider making--and keeping--these fashion resolutions for the fabulous new year:

1. Quality Over Quantity: Edit your purchases. Most of us buy into the mass buying frenzy during this time of year (granted, there are great sales to be had), but choosing carefully allows you to embrace the essence of your style. Tim Gunn advises women to choose only "soul stirring" items that make them feel glamorous. Next time you see yourself considering that 70% off mediocre piece that fits oddly, remember this maxim and walk away.

2. Dress Your Best. Avoid frumpy, old, wrinkled, torn, or ill-fitting garbs that make you look careless and feel underconfident. Immediately purge them from your wardrobe or consider alterations that can drastically salvage them. If you haven't worn an item in over 6 months, consider donating that item to good will; chances are that that item doesn't make you feel amazing.

3. Invest in Accessories. A timeless handbag, sleek shoes, classy belts, and unique jewelry are expensive but necessary additions to any wardrobe. Instead of buying multiple copies of poor accessories, save up for one single item that you can use over and over.

4. Raid a Parent's/Grandparent's/Friend's Closet. A fourth of my clothes are hand-me-downs from my mother, who stylishly and wisely invested in tailored clothes during her youth. Now these clothes are getting a second life. A friend of mine inherited a Fendi baguette from a friend who no longer used it; now the baguette is back in style.

5. Expand Your Mind. Fashion starts with an educated mind and a strong sense of self. This year, consider exploring a creative side that has long been overshadowed by work and responsibilities. Enroll in an art class, start writing, read poetry, or pursue a dream. The fashionable woman knows that fashion is just one expression of a life immersed in art and fine living.

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