Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Ferragamo: Sting Me

Stingrays, like eels, suffer from unfavorable reviews, despite the fact that pythons and crocodiles (both potentially dangerous creatures) are favored more highly for their skin. Ferragamo is just one of the designers who have been showcasing the beauty of the stingray skin: pebbled but smooth, sturdy and elegant, the stingray's skin is art itself. Ferragamo's entire spring bag line has me electrified from the artwork inherent not only in the skin (notice the white horizontal dots that pepper the surface) but also in the design (as obvious from my earlier posts, I am won over by the origami trend). VBH, Kara Ross, and R &Y Augousti (available at Barneys and Bergdorf's) have also been stung by the stingray, and their elegant designs are indicative of quality over brand name. I'm predicting that this exotic is the next big thing.

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