Thursday, May 22, 2008

Would You Put Bird Poop On Your Face?

Shizuka New York, Geisha Facial, $180 for a 50 minute treatment
7 West 51st Street, 6th Floor, (212) 644-7400

My facialist has been all over the news lately because of her new "Geisha Facial," its magic ingredient being none other than bird poop (or nightingale droppings, to use more elegant wording). I was, of course, horrified by this news, as I had been a faithful follower of their Micro Facial, and as my husband in particular has a phobia of bird poop (which, unfortunately, always looms as a potential threat as pigeons have infested New York City ledges). The nightingale droppings, or uguisu no fun, is supposed to "brighten, heal, and retexturize the skin," but I can't help but wonder if it's called "no fun" for a reason. While strange ingredients are hardly new in the beauty and spa industry, I wonder how many women would actually go this far. As for me...I'll stick to the Micro Facial.

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Rebecca said...

Hi, my name is Rebecca and I am working with Shizuka New York. Thanks for your coverage of the new Geisha Facial and for helping generate buzz around this new skin care trend. Because of the recent buzz, we shot a video to show that we do indeed have a sense of humor about the Geisha Facial special ingredient - nightingale droppings. Enjoy the video at