Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Calvin Klein Resort 2009

Calvin Klein's minimalist aesthetic is usually too minimal and mannish for my taste, but Francisco Costa's Resort 2009 collection was surprisingly fresh, feminine, and detailed. His line also showcased some of my favorite colors: ecru, bone, nude, and camel, all colors that inspire images of sandy beaches and crisp, cosmopolitan, Zen-like spas. Here's what I would do while wearing these clothes:

1. I'd wear this on a slightly cooler night at an open-air market in Morocco:

2. Perfect for a refined dinner in Milan:

3. A power suit for the creative femme fatale, this crisp look would be perfect for a working lunch with overseas clients at the newest hot restaurant in Paris:

4. Slightly architectural in design, this dress would be appropriate for an art gallery opening in New York:

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