Wednesday, May 28, 2008

It's Official: Sale Season Has Finally Arrived!

Stats to date:

Saks: Sale started today
Bergdorf: Sale started today
Barneys: Sale started last week
Burberry: Sale in progress
Fendi: Sale in progress
Prada: Sale starts tomorrow
Bottega Veneta: Sale starts next week
Net-a-porter: Sale started last week

And the mayhem starts...I love Bergdorf's and all (they may be my favorite department store), but their sales are somewhat maddening. Shoes are flying everywhere, women are lunging, and salespeople are obnoxious. Thankfully, I've pretty much crossed off all of the must-have items for spring, and I'm down to the maybe-if-it-goes-on-sale-and-is-spectacular gladiator flats.

The key to building a stunning wardrobe is knowing when to stop. Otherwise, you'll end up filling your closet with dross that will eventually be given away (as I've learned the hard way). Be choosy, and know when to walk away. How?

1. Make a list of what you've wanted for months now. Longing that has longevity is a sign that you really want it.

2. Make a list of what you need. I needed a new pair of white pants, and I bought them: on sale.

3. Don't endlessly peruse racks and floors. Go to the floors/stores that sell that item. Purchase. Leave.

4. Compare prices and deals. It may be wiser to buy something at a store where you get points that later turn into a gift card (Saks and Banana come to mind). Or perhaps one site may offer limited complimentary shipping.

5. Try on everything you may purchase (especially for shoes). Sizes vary, and you may be surprised by the size you actually need. (Example: Burberry Prorsum's runway line is ridiculously small. I had to go up two sizes.) Items may not fit as imagined, and sometimes all it takes is a good mirror to make the final decision.

6. However, if you are purchasing an item online, be abreast of the company's return policy. Don't buy anything online that you cannot return (especially if you haven't tried the item on in person).

Happy Sale Shopping!


Anonymous said...

What's the best store for sales, I would like to avoid any madness.

Thumbelina Fashionista said...
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Thumbelina Fashionista said...

I prefer department stores for their great return policies, but smaller stores (boutiques and brand-name flagship stores) offer better service but often have strict return policies. For department stores, I suggest going at a less crowded time so the sales staff can actually wait on you. Mornings (when the stores open) and weekday evenings are best rather than noon-time and weekends, when the stores get the most crowded. Of course, if you really dislike stores, go the cyberspace route and avoid the crowds altogether.

Anonymous said...

Valentino sale starts June 4th. I got the bag of my dreams pre sale at 40% off! that is less than the bag is going for at Saks right now.