Monday, May 5, 2008

Spanx: Slip/Panty/ Shapewear Solution

Spanx Higher Power Panty, $36 at

In the warmer months, women undoubtedly turn to their thin (jersey / silk) dresses that offer them the ease of movement and style. However, those same thin dresses also have a nasty tendency to reveal all that we also want to conceal: lumps, bumps, pantylines, etc. In my experience, slips are finicky: the fancy lace ones leave lumps, and not every slip is going to fit every dress. Most women believe that a thong will solve every dreaded pantyline problem, but with thin dresses, people can see your pantyline at your hip-line. And who wants to wear full-length hosiery in the summer (especially when you've just had a pedicure)?

I've turned to the power of Spanx to solve this dreaded problem. Their "Higher Power Panty" provides the support of shapewear, the coverage of a slip, and the freedom of no pantylines. Plus, they come in nude and black (nude offers the most flexibility, but black is perfect for your LBD). Best of all, it only reveals what you want to reveal: you, in that gorgeous summer dress.

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Laura said...

This is beautifully written, very succinct. I also agree with you one hundred percent. Now that spring seems to have finally arrived, I look forward to being in gorgeous spring and summer dresses (and skirts) for the next several months. This is how I love to dress and I thank my Spanx Higher Power for giving me the confidence to dress this way.