Friday, May 9, 2008

Not Your Grandmother's Lace...Or Is It?

Prada, Fall 2008 Runway Show

Fashion editors are predicting that lace will be HUGE this fall, and primarily because of Prada's lace-saturated show. Paradoxically enough, lace on Grandmother's doilies are considered to be Puritan and prim, but lace on lingerie is considered sexy and risque. Lace on Prada...well, that is a more difficult assessment to make. For the conservative (read: practical) woman, the lacy Prada item will be toned down with a matching black slip that diminishes the overt sex appeal while still adhering to the trend. For the obedient celebrity or gusty fashionista (read: slutty), a literal reenactment of the runway show may only garner jibes on the "Worst Dressed List" or shocked double-takes on the city streets. In other words, Prada's lace may only remain subversive on the catwalk, and not the sidewalk.

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