Sunday, May 11, 2008

Seasonless Dressing; Or, Fall Is Spring Again

From Left: Marchesa Fall 2008; Luisa Beccaria Fall 2008

While some generic fall looks appeared on the Fall Runway shows--plaid, fur, deep jewel tones--other looks reinforced what New Yorkers have come to know all too well: the blurring of the seasons has altered the fashion rules. Ever since the comforting revision that we can indeed wear white after Labor Day, fashionistas and designers alike have begun to realize that women can wear florals and pastels during the cold winter months and wear heavy plaids and fur during the supposedly warm spring and summer months. As the weather man is loathe to admit, it has become almost impossible to predict what Mother Nature will throw our way. (I was again rudely made aware of the unrelenting cold today walking home after dinner in the Big Apple, despite the momentary warmth at noon.) This further complicates our small closet space situation, as I refuse to put anything in storage (one never knows what one will need). While some may find this fashion situation confusing--after all, there will always be women who prefer the comfort of "rules"--, we can also see this as liberating--or as a confirmation of Al Gore's dire environmental prediction.

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