Friday, May 16, 2008

Chanel Resort 2009: Hits and Misses

From the Great Wall of China to an enormous jacket, Karl Lagerfeld knows how to put on a runway show. His Chanel Resort 2009 collection was over a glamorous pool in South Beach, but like the uneven tides, this particular show was full of hits and misses, both severe in their extremes.

HITS: When they're good, they're good.

1. My favorite look of the entire collection, this white evening charmer reflected the Art Deco roots of South Beach with all of the dazzle and none of the gaudiness.

2. The applique rosettes looked fresh, not trite, on this 3D piece.

3. A glamorous white suit, but it seemed oddly out of place in the collection (it was a little too Upper East Side and not South Beach).

MISSES: And boy, are they bad.
1. A cowgirl meets a '70s dancer: this combination is giving me a Saturday night fever.

2. Probably the worst look of the collection. Caged flapper meets a shredded swan. Ouch.

3. I love me some florals, but this one looks like a portal to floral hell.

4. Strange cloud-like bubbles in one's middle? Pass.

5. A really bad dye job with a plastic top to match. I wouldn't even dress a Barbie in this.

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miss cavendish said...

Your favorite look is just lovely, right down to the silver sandals.