Monday, March 17, 2008

Weighing In: The Maxi Dress Trend

Diane von Furstenberg, Maui Patchwork Gown, $445 at

Despite what fashion editors say, this trend maximizes everything but you. And while I am not dismissing its value for regal galas, I am questioning the practicality of constantly dusting the floor every time you walk on the city streets or of drastically altering this item to suit the average woman (frankly, it's ridiculous to presume that we are all 5'11"). This particular dress, with its heinous print, makes this model look more like a circus performer on stilts (is it me, or does she look like a never ending statue?) than a casual bohemian vacationing in Hawaii. If you want casual, buy a mini; if you want respectable cocktail, buy a knee-length; if you want uber-dressy, buy a maxi. In my humble opinion, casual maxi is an oxymoron I'd rather do without.

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