Monday, March 3, 2008

ReWear: A Crime of Fashion?

Today, I was accosted by a single accusation: "ReWear!" While I am, from time to time, reminded that slang does not come as naturally as it used to, I was amazed by the inscrutable nature of this word; it was not a verb, but an adjective. I soon realized that I was accused of wearing the same outfit twice. While I understand that this alleged "crime of fashion" does not compare to other offenses previously mentioned (scrunchies, overalls, etc.), I began to mull this one over. Celebrities now are given a special column in some rags for "really loving" some item (apparently, three times of use equates to "really loving" an item when you're a celebrity), but what about the common (wo)man?

In this eco-friendly age where "recycling" is the new "it" term, do clothes also apply for the fashionista of today? I've always laughed at the absurdity of wearing an item only once (the "wedding dress" is my one exception) because it implies waste, frivolity, and vanity. On the other hand, I raise my eyebrows at the uniform-wearing non-uniformed-employed clone who exemplifies zero creativity on a daily basis. (I once had a psychology professor who wore a white polo, khakis, and white sneakers every single day.) Surely, a middle ground can be reached.

I also acknowledge a) most people don't care; b) most people's closets are rather limiting in NYC; and c) true fashionistas at heart may be limited by financial resources. However, I propose (or humbly recommend) the following to consider:

1. Reimagine different ways to wear an item. A dress can be worn as a skirt if a top is over it. Layered items appear differently. A bold necklace can alter the appearance of a plain dress. Dress down a fancy item (e.g. wear a cocktail dress with a plain cardigan and tall boots), and dress up a plain item (e.g. wear fancy jewelry with jeans). Even though I generally repeat items, most people don't notice because I switch things up.

2. Rotate items. Place worn items on one side of your closet, and continue to do so to keep track of what you've worn. (Exception: Basic items, such as jeans, cardigans, white shirts, and black pants, are rarely noticed. Those you can repeat often.)

3. Avoid repeating items that are photographed. Unfortunately, that goes for weddings and major parties--unless you are going to events with different crowds. Some women wear the same dress for every wedding that they attend--not realizing that that same dress is being remembered and photographed every time.

4. Do a periodic sweep of your closet. By doing so, you will discover items that have been forgotten. Donating your unwanted items can also free up your closet for things that you can really see and enjoy.

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Jerllin said...

I used to swear to everyone that your clothing had to be on at least a ten month rotation...until I saw you repeat a cardigan or something. And that's when I knew the world was ending. Except that it didn't. :D