Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Burberry Prorsum: Bags Need To Go On A Diet, Too

While I adore Christopher Bailey and the creative genius that he is, his handbags have yet to measure up to his incredible clothing. I saw this Mason Warrior Bag today and nearly fell over trying to hold it; yes, it feels as heavy as it looks. My big beef with bags these days is that they weigh a ton. Clothes have sizes; shoes have heel heights; bags need scales. The label should read Mason Warrior Bag, 18.5 lbs...(by the way, that's an approximation). The Chloe Paddington, with that ridiculously heavy lock, also weighs more than a three-year-old child. And that heavy poundage is without any food inside to make it even heavier than it already is. So add your phone, Ipod, keys, a book, makeup, etc. etc., and you're bound to experience back pain. The next time you consider purchasing a handbag, add all of your daily items in it and then walk around the store with it on your shoulder. Then imagine feeling that weight for several hours. Unless you're the next female body builder, I doubt this bag will make it home. $3,195 at

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