Friday, March 28, 2008

The Versatility of the White Pant

Michael Kors's Bianca Wide-Leg Stretch Linen Pants, $725 at

Women rarely wear white pants, and for good reason: they stain easily. However, a pair of crisp white pants can elevate an outfit in a way that few pants can; they look chic, easy, clean, light, and glamorous. The key to wearing white pants is knowing where they'll travel and adhering to certain "flight restrictions": never wear them in the rain, extremely windy weather, or after a rain shower (the water on the ground inevitably jumps onto the back). Also choose ones with lining, wear nude underwear (white underwear shows through mercilessly), and pair with heels. While these numerous restrictions seem cumbersome, remember the versatility that white pants provides: they go with nearly all of your spring clothes (even dark-hued ones); they look perfect with any of the hot "it" shades of the season: yellow, orange, or blue; you can wear them for a number of occasions (work, lunch, dinner); and you stand out in a crowd. Although I've grown to eschew pants in favor of skirts and dresses, I'm determined to purchase a pair of white pants this spring season.

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