Monday, March 24, 2008

Prada: It's a Fairy World

Prada's fairy motif in her Spring 2008 line has left me both enchanted and frustrated. I find myself helplessly drawn in by her mystical designs (the artwork of James Jean), despite my usual fashion no-no of wearing faces or bodies on clothing. And now the frustration: according to, the fairy bag has a bleeding problem (the result of hand-painted art and poor craftsmanship). In addition, while I am enthralled by Miuccia Prada's designs, I find that her clothing is poorly made for the exorbitant cost. One exquisite but man-made fibered dress was approximately $2,500, but its silk version was close to $3,000; in addition, neither dress came with lining. While some of Prada's clothing is impeccably made, not all of it is; the hard lesson is that a buyer needs to be cautious when purchasing high-end goods. However, I may be persuaded to purchase one of these items when they go on sale.

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