Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Peter Som: Pretty in Pink

There's a reason that movie was so popular. Pink is the eternal girly girl color, wedded to baby girls as soon as they're born. And while I adore a pink button-down on a man (it screams confidence), women own pink in a way that they don't any other color. This Peter Som Chiffon Veiled Dress is exquisite; while it appears simple enough in the photo, the dress actually is a metallic brocade that is only revealed through tiny chiffon stripes that are carefully sewn on top. I adore the nude pumps on the ensemble, which are a fresh surprise (black would be too severe, and white somewhat prissy). Add Fendi's Vintage Leather Baguette, $1,950 at, and you're set to go. $2,195 for the dress at

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miss cavendish said...

I love certain hues of pink, like everything Bottega Veneta has ever made! For summer I ordered a very functional light, yet dusky pink bag from Cole Haan (Saks) that's going to be a terrific neutral.