Tuesday, February 24, 2009

What I Wore: From the Boys

Striped Blouse: Banana Republic Monogram
Vest: H&M
Jeans: Levi's
Pumps: Chanel

This isn't my favorite look, but it is a departure for me in two small ways: 1) I rarely wear stripes, but I liked the billowy sleeves on this one; 2) I rarely wear vests, but the other post makes it appear otherwise (I have only three vests, one of which I never wear). This H&M one is a recent acquisition--at under $25, I couldn't resist.

A close up of my favorite Chanel pumps:


Amol said...

I love the whole vest look on a girl. I think it can look quite cute and playful and if done right quite feminine. If you put a tee underneath it would be a great casual look. If you want something with stripes but maybe not so boldly conspicuous maybe invest in vests (sorry I laughed when I reread this, it may not be funny but I've had a long day) with a slight pinstripe in them. This can give the idea of a more business suit type of feel if dressed up a bit or a fun look for a night out. I always think vests are a great way for a girl to dress up "as one of the guys" so to speak but have her own special touches, personality and femininity in the outfit. And you can't go wrong, for the most part, with Chanel.

TLT said...

I like your shirt a lot! I haven't shopped at BR for a long time, but I know their BR Monogram collection always has some really special pieces. The black and white stripes are really striking, the billowy puff sleeves give it a cool shape!

The whole look works so well, and of course, the Chanel pumps are incredibly beautiful and special!

Tiff from http://stylesophisticate.blogspot.com