Sunday, February 1, 2009

Current/Elliott or DIY; Boyfriend Blazers

Current.Elliott Skinny Slouchy Jean, $23o; Stella McCartney Boy-Fit Blazer, $1,735; both at Net-a-porter

These particular jeans have caught my attention, not so much because distressed is back in (a result of the woeful economic times, perhaps?), but because my attraction to them signals a huge shift in my fashion aesthetic. I attribute it to my newly-cropped haircut (which seems to clash with my normal girly look) and the influence of some edgy fellow bloggers. What's great about this look is that if you're not keen on dishing out a couple hundred bucks on a pair of jeans, then it's quite easy to mimic the look with some creative daring and a pair of scissors. Perhaps it's time to resurrect that broken pair of Rock & Republic jeans I have lying around...

The Stella McCartney blazer that Net-a-porter paired the jeans with is also genius. A long, masculine blazer with a pair of skinny jeans is enormously slimming and chic; add a decorative belt or a statement necklace to individualize the look. If that particular blazer is out of your price range, check out Club Monaco's version for a fraction of the price.


Nini Nguyen said...

Those C/E jeans are hot... DIY is not a bad idea. :)

The Little Fashion Treasury said...

Hi Thumbelina Fashionista.

Amazing Jeans,... I guess I will order them ;)
Thanks for your Fashion Advise!!!