Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The Devil Is In The Details

Marc by Marc Jacobs Lace-up Boots, $550 at Saks
Although I am naturally critical of anything Marc Jacobs, I actually liked these gladiator wedges: the caramel tone, the low wedge heel, the gladiator/bootie mix all appealed to me. And then those atrocious, cheap, sneaker-like laces ruined it for me. (I contemplated replacing them with my own laces, but my laziness combined with my less-than-urgent need to have them out-reasoned that idea.) The same thing happened when, at Club Monaco, I spotted a geometric, arty, chunky circle necklace, which had unfortunately been held up by a rather thick, dirty piece of white sailor rope. (The thought of repeatedly wearing that necklace in the height of summer made me shudder.) When it comes to accessories, details matter. Leather laces and a thick gold chain would have decidedly elevated these pieces--it's too bad somebody wasn't paying attention.

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athena said...

I am not a big fan of MJ shoes. However, I do like the style of this gladiator wedge, but I agree, the laces ruin it. It would have been better off with suede-cord laces or better yet, no laces at all.