Thursday, February 5, 2009

Skeletons In Your Closet?

This particular Proenza Schouler skirt from their fall 2008 line has been sitting in my closet for some time now. It has never been worn. Perhaps you too have been afflicted by this unfortunate situation and stare, baffled, at certain items that seemed perfect when you bought them and then became sartorial mysteries when you tried to wear them.

Why is this particular skirt plaguing me? you may wonder. Well, its sole fastening consists of large buttons that must be undone for nature's call and one irksome (and, oddly enough, penultimate) magnetic clasp that refuses to stay clasped. The skirt is made of an extremely thick, mysterious fabric (since I bought it at a sample sale, it has no tags, but the saleslady believed it to be indeed fabric and not leather) that bunches when I sit. My fear of lost buttons (they are dangerously loose) and exposed skin prevents me from ever wearing it.

A thought occurred to me today on the bus: I should take it to my tailor and ask for a zipper to be added on the inside. Then it reminded me of the two skirts I have whose dowdy length requires a merciless chopping, a pair of jeans that needs a new zipper, and a dress that needs taking in. Instead of buying something new, I should repair items that I already have. And voila! I've got "new" items.
In this economy, consider what items you can salvage, and once and for all, do something about that neglected piece in your closet. Add new buttons to a vintage dress, hem something long, take something in (or out). You'll be amazed at how large your closet will be when you can actually wear everything in it.


M.A Shahid said...

I think if you add some zip it will change its whole style so its better to leave it with buttons, but you can tighten buttons that way I till long lost.

Thumbelina Fashionista said...

Interesting view, Shahid. I was thinking of hiding the zipper and using buttons as decoration. I'll have to see what my tailor thinks.