Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Roland Mouret Lust

RM by Roland Mouret Perec Origami Pleat Top; Dax Sleeveless Top, both $1,450 at Net-a-porter

I'll admit it: I've had a crush on Roland Mouret for quite some time now. His work is streamlined yet architectural, classic yet modern, and chic yet edgy. The celebrities who wear his clothes are often photographed for their impeccable taste (remember Victoria Beckham in that hot pink stunner on the soccer field? Jennifer Lopez in that white wonder at Fashion Week?).

Unfortunately, I tried on one of his delectable creations only to be disappointed by the fit. While I usually do not have too much trouble with fit, I do occasionally struggle with designers who either leave too much room in the bust area or leave too little room in the hip area (Narciso Rodriguez is one such designer). As a result, I tend to avoid the hassle of tailoring the garment unless I'm blinded by overwhelming love and assuaged by a lower price point, which mitigates the cost of tailoring. Roland Mouret didn't make the cut (pun intended) that day, and I resigned myself to pining from afar.

These two peplum tops, however, are proving quite difficult to resist. I recently purchased a gorgeous electric blue peplum vest from Yves Saint Laurent--an outstanding piece that I will cherish for as long as I can. These two vests/tops rival that one, and its nature as a separate ensures a likely fit. But alas--the price point is unsettling during sale season/ this dismal economy. It appears that I shall have to sadly resume my quiet pining.


um its kimia said...

victoria beckham is my lik
she is an icon
no joke

jaleh said...

that origami top is incredible. it's too bad sizing seems to be a problem :(

WendyB said...

I find Narciso to be a very hard fit.