Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Prada Leeches Bag

Prada Python Pitone Pietre Shoulder Bag,$1,895 at Saks

I'm not sure why Prada decided to ruin a perfectly fine snakeskin bag with leech-like black resin stones. It's almost as if Miuccia Prada had been watching Stand By Me before she created this monstrosity. Most of her spring bags are covered with these creepy and cheap-looking gems in various tacky colors--I'm sure you've seen the garish ads in all of the fashion magazines. Of all of the new spring bags, only Marc Jacobs' uglies can compete with these.


Nini said...

I love the bag.

Anonymous said...

definitely without stone spots.
fixed stones made graceful bag to stingy one.

WendyB said...

I have a picture of two nice Prada snakeskin bags -- without weird stones. So they have plain ones too!