Friday, December 26, 2008

Frothy Floral Sandals

Christian Louboutin Petal Sandal, $995 at Bergdorf Goodman

From my most recent posts, you would hardly suspect that it's Christmas time (Happy Holidays, by the way!) and freezing in the Big Apple. That's because a certain fashionista dreams of warmer days when the weather outside is frightful. With most of Fall/Winter items sold out (or selling out), retailers are bringing in Resort wear, which usually means warm weather escapes to the Bahamas; unfortunately, this year's financial woes have put an end to that. Oddly enough, as I sit here in the City of Brotherly Love (yes, that's right--Philly is my hometown), I'm shocked to hear that it'll be 60 degrees tomorrow. 60 degrees!! Just a few days ago, the thermostat read a frigid 15 degrees.

While "Resort" wear has become more and more seasonless due to the fickleness of Mother Nature, designers still churn out standard Resort wear: sandals, tunics, skimpy dresses. These particular sandals--something the now-mythical Carrie Bradshaw would have worn--are all the rage right now with magazines. They're fun, cute, ridiculous, surprising, sexy, and feminine--all at once. I can't decide what to think of them. They've got the potential to ruin or make an outfit. If I had unlimited cash and a huge shoe museum, they'd be there--on display in a glass cage.

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The Fashion Pinko said...

I love them, they're a lot of shoe, but they would look incredible with a really simple outfit. I'd probably wear them every day if I could afford them. I think I'll get the topshop knockoff when those come out, I just love these too much.