Saturday, December 20, 2008

Not So Mellow Yellows

Christian Louboutin "Fluorescent Green" Platform Pumps, $735 at Saks

Photo Credit: The Sartorialist (The woman in the image is wearing YSL's Tribute Platforms)
Sometimes it just takes a mesmerizing photo (like the one shot by the Sartorialist) to redefine one's personal style boundaries. Once upon a time, I would never have gone near bright yellow shoes (being Asian, I shied away from yellow for years); however, these Christian Louboutin platforms arouse my curiosity. They remind me of primary school yellow (long school buses, yellow submarines, and modern Crayola crayons), but when paired with neutrals like khaki, denim (blue and gray), and blush, the color suddenly matures like precocious New York City adolescents. They'll add a spring to your step as you remember that Spring is only a few months away.

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